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Welcome resellers from all over the world to join us !  

TRANO* Multilingual Language Learning Smart Phones & Tablets
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   We offer distribution opportunity to Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers, E-Commerce..

   Your own products Distributorship Gives You Several Important Benefits  

   No Fee:
   Enjoy the benefits of a franchise without fees, royalty obligations or high

   operating expenses.

   You earn up to 100% Mark-Ups: giving you high profits and allowing you to discount to
   your customers if you wish, in the retail marketplace.

   Your Choice of Part-Time or Full-Time:
   Enjoy the latitude of determining your own level of commitment.
   Set your own goals ... part-time supplemental income or full-time for

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   Protected Distributorship:
   Without or with territorial restrictions,
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   Your Competitive Advantage:
   Not typically available in mass merchandise stores, discount

   speaking electronic translators, manufactured under strict quality-control &
   quality-assurance guidelines.

   If interested to become a distributor please Fax or Mail your name and phone..
Worldwide shipping directly to your home or office!
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