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  speaking dictionary translator
English-text-translator speaking_dictionary_electronic_translator
speaking dictionary translator Speak -Type -Write -Take a Picture to Translate ..!

Expandable Dictionary   Talking Text Translator 
Digital Speaking Translator TRANO English Dictionary  Bidirectional Text Translator
Pocket Talking Translator  English Language Teacher

TRANO* Multilingual Language Learning Smart Phones & Tablets
- About Us -
English-text-translator LanguageTeacher.com
is US company
based in Las Vegas, NV.

Proudly, we have been in business since Aug. 1997
 developing software products and designing hardware..

Among our main line of products, are
TRANO* Pocket Electronic Text Translator & Dictionary
TRANO* Language Learning App, Smart Phone, Tablet
TRANO* Pocket Electronic Text Translator & Dictionary
  was launched beginning of 2010 and was our main product until end od 2017
  Currently all TRANO traditional models are use in over 50 countries worldwide..
  Our latest TRANO* products are:

  = Language Learning App [Coming Soon - Google Play Store]
  = Language Learning - Smart Phone*
Tablet* Mini Netbook*

   ..in our new products we are joining forces with 2 of the best in the industry -
   Google Translate and Microsoft Translator - trying our best to increase
   product quality and customer satisfaction. We offer Most Powerful
   Language Learning Products - working both OFFLINE / ONLINE and loaded
   with one of the best Language Learning APPS [22-28+ selection]
Our websites are updated constantly with new models consisting of 116+ languages.

  We provide Fast Shipping from Hong Kong, China, Singapore
to all destinations Worldwide - directly to your home or office
[USA, Canada , Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East, Africa]
  using FedEx* EMS Express* DHL* Hong Kong Parcel Post*

  Customers privacy and satisfaction is our top priority.
  Therefore, we do not rent, sell or trade

  any customers personal information to marketers or other companies.
  All customer information is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol*

  TRANO* Smart Phones and Tablets are manufactured in China.

  All products listed on our websites are new, never-used, or refurbished &
  backed with One [1] Year Warranty.

  All prices are in $US.


Worldwide shipping directly to your home or office!
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English-dictionary Email: support@trano.com