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speaking dictionary translator Speaking Pocket Digital Language Teacher !

Expandable Dictionary   Talking Text Translator  TRANO Electronic Dictionary 
Digital Speaking Translator  TRANO English Dictionary  Bidirectional Text Translator
Pocket Talking Translator  English Language Teacher

TRANO* Multilingual Language Learning Smart Phones & Tablets
- Latest Software Versions available for download -
 - [ D-33, T-33, D-88, T-88 models ] -
 Dear Trano* Customers & Trano* product Dealers,
Make sure your device is always up to date with the latest software.
Perform a software update and enjoy new features, better performance,
 speed, more words, phrases, audio files and bug fixes.

= to upgrade your product you need to email us the model

[ D-33, D-88, T-33, T-88 ]
and the serial number located
on the bottom of the machine..
= request software update by email:
= we will generate upgrade software after the request is received
and will email you back the file with step by step instruction..
how to update the software on T-33, T-88 models - step by step:
Worldwide shipping directly to your home or office!
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English-dictionary Email: support@trano.com
English-text-translator  http://www.youtube.com/TranoTranslator